How to Pressure Wash Your Windows

How to Pressure Wash Your Windows

One of the chores in a home that's necessary but very annoying is cleaning the windows. Regardless of the design of your windows and how frequently you're cleaning them, it is never an easy task. You have to ensure they're clean from the inside. Also, your windows need to be sparkling outside regardless of the weather. The weather also contributes to the frequency of window cleaning. During summer, the dust comes frequently, and your windows will look dusty if you don't clean them. During the winter, you may have your windows covered in snow, and of course, you'll need to clean the windows. Regardless cleaning the window with your hands is worse.

A pressure washer that has a Grandfall Pump will clean your windows easily with no struggles. The pump in the pressure washer increases the pressure of the water. Therefore, the force coming from the water is enough to clean any stain on your windows and leave it sparkling. However, when you choose to pressure wash windows, you need the proper guidelines. The aim is to clean your windows and not to break them. So it's better to hire an expert who understands how to use a pressure washer to clean windows. If you learn quickly, the guidelines in this article will explain the step-by-step process of cleaning windows. Some of these processes include;

Cover up all other surroundings

The window of your home can be accessed on the inside and the outside. We strongly advise that you clean the part inside your home with your hands. That way, your home's interior is at no risk. However, if it is an empty room with no paints and interior to lose, you can pressure wash from the inner part of the home. If people already live in the house, you have to do the pressure washing outside. Before you pressure wash, what you can do is to cover up the surroundings around and beneath the windows that aren't strong enough for the pressure.

Close windows tightly

As we mentioned earlier, ensure your windows are closed from inside while you're washing the window with a pressure washer. Remember, a pressure washer thrives on the pressure coming from the device. Therefore, if you want a perfect job while washing, ensure there's no space for the water to pass through. Once there's a little space, the water will pass through and flood the room.

Remove window screens if installed

Some professionals use window screens to ensure that your windows last long. If there's a window screen on your window, do not have the thought of pressure washing, except you are ready to forego the window screens. No matter how much you reduce the pressure of the pressure washer, the window screens are very weak, and as such, that pressure will continue to be affected. So if you still want your window screen to be there, you have to forfeit the whole pressure washing idea.


Cleaning your window with a pressure washer isn't only about getting an appropriate cleaner for the job. It is more about getting the suitable pressure washer and nozzle. When you're sure that you have the best device, you can set the lowest pressure to check. Remember to protect your eyes before and during the washing process.