A Guide Or Picking The Best Phone Case For Huawei Y6S

A Guide Or Picking The Best Phone Case For Huawei Y6S

The Huawei Y6S is one of the most popular smartphones by the Huawei brand. The phone was released in 2019 and has maintained its popularity since then. In addition to manufacturing the Y6S phones, Huawei also provides its clients with phone cases for this particular product. The transparent y6s phone case is available on the official Huawei store. It is a strong phone case guaranteed to protect your phone from damage. This post discusses a guide for choosing a phone case for Huawei Y6S.

How to pick a phone case for Huawei Y6S

When choosing a case for this particular smartphone, the following are some qualities you must consider;

1. Material

The material is at the top of things to consider when choosing a phone case for any phone. The best phone case is made from shock absorbent material like silicone or rubber. This way, by absorbing the shock from falling or impact, the case can protect your phone from damage. Note that the thickness of the material also impacts its effectiveness. Naturally, the ticker the phone case material, the better it absorbs shock.

2. Size and compatibility

When choosing a phone case for your Y6S Huawei smartphone, you must also consider the size. Naturally, a good phone case should cover all the corners of the phone. The Huawei Y6S features a height, width, and depth of 6.25, 2.89, and 0.31 inches, respectively. It would help to consider these dimensions when choosing a phone case cover.

The other element is compatibility. You can determine the compatibility of the phone case to your phone by checking its size. However, there is more to its compatibility than the size. The case design must also match that of the phone. For instance, the positioning of the slots for the cameras and speakers should match the Y6S phone design. This way, the case does not cover the camera and speakers. It must also have its button and port compartments correctly placed.

3. Water protection

It would also be wise to get a phone case to protect your phone from water damage. Its material usually determines the waterproof elements of a phone case. Materials like rubber and silicone are common for phone cases as they do not allow water to penetrate. However, you must understand that having a waterproof phone case does not mean that your phone becomes waterproof. Therefore, inserting your phone or exposing it to water will 100% still damage it. The case only protects it from small exposures to water, like holding it with wet hands or placing it on a wet surface.


Smartphones are not cheap to acquire. Therefore, it would be wise to do your best to enhance their life span. However, this can be hard because the environment is packed with potential damaging elements for your smartphone. Some elements you cannot avoid. Therefore, the best thing to do is to act preemptively. You can do this by wrapping your smartphone in a protective case. This applies to all phones and not just the Huawei Y6S.