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How to Make Crostatas

For many bakers, pie is the first dessert that comes to mind when summer rolls around. But for this Italian baker, the dessert of choice is a crostata, a tart often filled with fruit or cream—or a combination of the two—that is ubiquitous throughout ...Read More

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Thomas Keller may be known as one of the world’s most celebrated chefs, but these days he’s equally beloved for the fried chicken he serves at his bistro Ad Hoc. The herb-lemon brine (this recipe makes enough for two batches) helps keep the meat ...Read More

Dirty Fried Chicken

This Korean-inspired fried chicken is poached in a vinegar brine before frying. The vinegar tenderizes the meat, while the parcooking allow for frying at a really high temperature without leaving the inside undercooked. The result is an exceedingly crisp exterior surrounding perfectly tender, flavorful ...Read More

Weeknight Garlic Knots

Turn store-bought pizza dough into a quick replica of those tasty, garlicky Italian-restaurant rolls. Ingredients 1 lb. store-bought pizza dough, at room-temperatureAll-purpose flour, for dusting3 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil2 Tbs. melted butter6 extra-large cloves garlic, minced1/2 tsp. kosher salt1/2 tsp. garlic powder1/4 tsp. dried ...Read More

Turkey Flautas with Avocado Crema

Crisp flautas are a Tex-Mex favorite. This version includes a creamy avocado-sour cream dip rich with cilantro and lime juice. Ingredients 1 lb. ground turkey1 tsp. ground cumin1/2 tsp. dried oreganoKosher salt1-1/2 cups pico de gallo, well drained16 6-inch flour tortillas4 cups canola oil, ...Read More

Grilling Big

A few years back, I wrote an article on sear-roasting, a classic restaurant technique for searing meat or fish on the stovetop and then roasting it in the oven until just done. It’s one of my favorite methods and is easily adapted to the ...Read More